In 1975, we established our ­first facility in the Karacabey district of Bursa, with a daily milk processing capacity of 5 tons. Today, we operate in 3 integrated facilities located in Karacabey, Aksaray and Tire with a daily milk processing capacity of 3,600 tons.

In line with our mission of spreading the goodness and abundance of milk, we manage and supervise the entire process, from the grass on which the cows are fed to the dairy products that reach the tables, with our integrated business model "From Farm to Table". As part of our integrated business model which guarantees the natural properties and quality of our products, we establish feed plants that provide animal feed to dairy farmers, dairy cattle farms built in line with animal health and welfare principles, dairy cattle breeding centers aimed at supplying healthy and productive breeding cattle to dairy farmers, applied training centers for dairy farmers, students and entrepreneurs as well as recycling facilities and power plants.

Our continuously improved business model allows the company to achieve social, economic and environmental sustainability at all stages of the supply chain by minimizing environmental impact and enabling efficient utilization of the resources in all operations of the company.

As Sütaş Group, we operate in Turkey through three companies that are included in the scope of this report: SÜTAŞ A.Ş. which produces, sells and distributes milk and dairy products; TARFAŞ A.Ş. which carries out plant-based and concentrated feed production, dairy farming, agricultural trade and training operations, and ENFAŞ A.Ş. which manages waste, produces organic and organomineral fertilizers and uses organic waste to generate biogas and electricity.

The Balkan Dairy companies, that  we established with the aim of introducing Anatolian dairy products and natural tastes of Sütaş first to the Balkans and then to European markets, continue to represent us in international markets as "Euro Dairy – Macedonia, Romania and Germany" companies within the new organizational structure that we introduced in 2017.

As Sütaş Group, we focus exclusively on milk and dairy business and aim to become “perfect" in dairy products. We follow the "Mastery – Expertise" approach, which combines the expertise and mastery of Turkish and Anatolian culture in dairy products with the expertise in the use of today's technologies.

The continuous monitoring and assessment of consumer preferences, the production of natural and delicious dairy products that meet the requirements and expectations of the consumers based on the data gathered from such monitoring activities and the delivery of these products in a healthy and fresh manner to millions of tables require mastery and expertise. Expertise in milk is also the competence to produce new dairy products that satisfy the evolving taste preferences of younger generations and suit to contemporary lifestyle. Based on that understanding, we have been continuously introducing novelties in the dairy products industry ever since the day our company was established.

For a successful future, with the Corporate Governance Principles, we set values, priorities, processes and rules by which our corporation is governed as well as the authorities and responsibilities of the managers and the rights of all of our stakeholders, including primarily our employees, and these principles form an integral part of how we conduct business.

In line with our mission of spreading the goodness and abundance of milk, we continue to support the economic development of our country with our dairy farmers, suppliers and customers through the investments we make throughout the country.