The mission of Sütaş is based on "Managing and improving the dairy value chain milk, from farm to table, as well as the resources entrusted to us in most efficient manner possible". Based on that understanding, we believe that natural resources such as soil, water and air are gifts of the nature, and we operate according to the principle of "returning what we have got from the nature back to the nature". We manage and supervise the entire process, from the grass on which the cows are fed to the dairy products that reach the tables, with our integrated business model "From Farm to Table" to guarantee the natural properties, quality and taste of our products. As part of this business model, we establish feed plants that provide animal feed to dairy farmers, dairy cattle farms built in line with animal health and welfare principles, dairy cattle breeding centers aimed at supplying healthy and productive breeding cattle to dairy farmers as well as applied training centers for dairy farmers, students and entrepreneurs.

This model, which we continuously improve, is intended to allow the company to achieve social, economic and environmental sustainability at all stages of the supply chain by minimizing environmental impact and enabling efficient utilization of resources in all company operations. Sustainability, with its economic, environmental, social and corporate management aspects, is a natural part of and lies at the core of our business.