We are in contact with all of our stakeholders, from employees to customers, dairy farmers, distributors, non-public organizations and universities.

We define our stakeholders as the individuals and organizations that influence or are influenced by our corporate strategy and performance as well as our decisions and operations.

We summarized the dialogue platforms that we use with our stakeholder groups below. We communicate with our stakeholders through these platforms on a regular basis. For example, whereas Sütaş Hotline is a communication platform which allows us to communicate with any of our stakeholders on a daily basis, the annual reports that we regularly publish allow us to communicate with them on a yearly basis. We aim to improve our processes and products and achieve our sustainability goals by receiving feedback from our stakeholders through all communication platforms.

Our first Sustainability Report that we published in 2016 and the website containing the information provided in this report are included among the important platforms through which we inform all of our stakeholders about our sustainability practices and performance.

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Environment, food safety and animal welfare and health are the leading areas that our stakeholders expect our focus.

The results of the surveys that we conducted in 2015 showed that stakeholders have significantly high expectations from Sütaş, thanks to our natural products, R&D investments and exemplary practices in various fields such as environment, waste and energy.

  • Our stakeholders think that we can be more effective especially in environmental issues in the context of sustainability.
  • They recommend us to focus mainly on Food safety and animal welfare and health.
  • Other areas that are important to most of our stakeholders include dairy farmer/supplier training, training of conscious farmers and a happy, safe and productive work life.
  • Other areas that are given high priority by our stakeholders, in particular consumers, include sustainable consumption, recycling, healthy nutrition and provision of correct information.

In 2016 and 2017, we carried out various activities in line with the expectations of our stakeholders, which are covered in detail in the report. For example, in 2016, we implemented the "Duyarlı Ol" (DO) project to raise awareness among our employees about sustainable consumption with the cooperation of the Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD). Through this project, we aimed to increase the awareness of employees on sustainable consumption by sharing tips on sustainable consumption as well as special recommendations on how to save electricity, paper, waste and water.

We gradually improved ourselves to become more efficient in waste management, which was one of the areas that our stakeholders in the public sector drew our attention to. This improvement is reflected in our investments in the area of generating renewable energy.

Our stakeholders in the public sector also expect us to increase productivity in production processes and spread our good practices in sustainable husbandry and sustainable agriculture.


We are members of a variety of industrial associations and unions in different industries including dairy production, food, energy and agriculture industries.

The Union of Dairy, Beef, Food Industrialists and Producers of Turkey (SETBİR), whose executive board chairman is a Sütaş executive, is an important union. In addition, as part of our efforts aimed at promoting sustainability in our industry, a Sütaş executive chairs the working group “Sustainable Agriculture and Access to Food” at the Business Council for Sustainable Development Association (BCSD) Turkey since 2015.

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