By remaining faithful to our brand's key promise of "natural taste ", we have developed our production strategy for milk and dairy products in a manner which protects the intrinsic composition and natural properties of milk. We do not use any components or additives that may spoil the naturality . Our production processes consist of some of the simplest and most basic processes possible, and we maintain high standards of hygiene. We design and produce natural and healthy products by utilizing our expertise and painstakingly applying preventive practices.

All the ingredients that we use to flavor our products are derived from natural sources. We use only beet sugar and sugar from natural fruits in our sweet products. We prepare our product ingredients in complete compliance with the conditions set forth in Law no. 5996 on Food, Turkish Food Codex Horizontal and Vertical Legislation and produce products exceeding the standards set out in the legislation. We design our product recipes and production processes to be as simple as possible to achieve natural products and preserve their natural properties.

We process the milk that arrives at our facilities and passes quality tests in the most hygienic way with the state-of-the-art technologies and expertise to offer 77 different products in 5 categories with 217 SKUs and packaging varieties. We believe in the goodness and abundance of milk and utilize every drop of milk which is nature's gift to us.