We select our suppliers in a systematic and fair manner. We expect them to conduct their operations according to the Law no. 5996 on Food, the Labor Law, Occupational Health and Safety Law, Environment Law as well as any other legislation applicable to their area of operations in addition to Sütaş's Quality Management System criteria and sustainability criteria and deliver high-quality materials and services on a timely basis.

We establish long-lasting relationships based on trust and cooperation with our suppliers. Confidentiality is important for us and we do not disclose the information that we obtain to unauthorized persons or other companies. We encourage our suppliers to obtain the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate and prefer to work with suppliers holding such certificate when we make a selection from a pool of suppliers under identical commercial conditions.

We evaluate our suppliers by dividing them into risk groups in terms of food safety. As part of our procurement process, we conduct supplier audits within the framework of the Quality Audit Plan.

Since 2017, we have been conducting our Supplier Audits according to AIB International's Consolidated Standards for Inspection of Prerequisite and Food Safety Programs, which is recognized as a high-level reference source in the area of food safety.

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When creating the audit plan for 2018, based on the suppliers’ corrective action scores, we intended to focus on those suppliers with a low evaluation score that we could possibly improve their score through cooperation even if their share in the total procurement spending was low.

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