In order to guarantee the quality of the dairy products that we offer to consumers, we require all the dairy farmers that supply raw milk to us to conform to the provisions of the Law no. 5996 on Veterinary Services, Plant Health, Food and Feed as well as the quality, hygiene, animal health and welfare guidelines set out in the FSSC 22000 Food Safety Management System Standard. Our Milk Quality Improvement Teams conduct regular audits at the farms from which we receive milk as well as at the milk collection centers.

We review Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Food Safety, animal health and welfare and environmental impact issues during the audits and oversee the compliance to the conditions and criteria set out in the Food Law and our Quality Management System.

The milk is checked at the farms and milk collection centers before it is accepted at our production facilities. These checks include temperature, pH, inhibitor and antibiotic tests in particular.

Milk is transported to Sütaş plants by trucks with four separate tanks each of which takes four and a half tons of milk and each tank is separately analyzed upon arrival at the plant. During the analysis, the content of fat, protein, total dry matter, pH value, total count of organisms, somatic cells and antibiotics are analyzed. Furthermore, samples taken from each tank are fermented with starter cultures and then checked for antibiotics or chemical residues. This step must be meticulously handled as it is not possible to ferment milk to produce yogurt, ayran or cheese if there is any residue.

We offer safe food to our customers and consumers through the implementation of a sustainable, preventive and traceable food safety management in all stages of the supply chain process in full compliance with existing local food safety legislation, HACCP methodology, Good Manufacturing, Good Hygiene and Good Laboratory Practices

When preparing our products, in addition to our direct inspections, we also test our commitment to release safe products to the markets through audits conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Ministry of Health, and Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) as well as checks carried out by our customers.