We are aware of the importance of qualified work force for the sustainability and development of our industry. We believe that the University-Industry cooperation is an important means for raising such qualified work force. Therefore, we signed protocols on cooperation in education with Uludağ University in 1998 and Aksaray University in 2010. As part of these protocols, we offer practical classes, workplace training and internship to students at the respective departments of Vocational High Schools located in Karacabey and Aksaray which educate work force for the milk value chain.

In 2012, our training activities gained an international dimension with the cooperation protocol signed with Danish Kold College. Through this cooperation, we intend to support the exchange of students and teachers to promote the sharing of information and experience.


The students can also benefit from our tuition, housing and English education scholarships. In 2018, we also begun to offer job guarantees to those students who graduate from these departments.

Sütaş also offers Education Support Scholarships to successful low-income undergraduate students. These scholarships do not require repayment or require the recipients to work for the company.

We offer these scholarships throughout the country to students who meet the scholarship criteria and display exceptional success in education within the quota limitations that are set on a yearly basis.

We offer internships to students to support their development during the summer season.

In 2017, in order to attract the most successful students in Turkey to our industry, we began to offer personal development and career coaching services to increase the awareness of our scholars about preparedness for professional life and help them set a clear career path. Our scholars who are in the 3rd and 4th year of university receive mentoring support from our 16 managers trained in this area and attend online training activities which could support their development through the Academy Sütaşkı development portal. We also support the students in their thesis and homework projects. We have contributed to the training of the talent needed by the industry by providing scholarships to approximately 300 students so far.

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It is important for us to support students in their academic education and ensure that they develop their occupational skills, knowledge, attitudes and behaviors, grow in a real-world production and service environment, become familiar

with the industry and get prepared for the business life. For this purpose, we offer internship to Vocational High School students, students at Vocational Schools under the scope of the University – Industry Cooperation Protocol, undergraduate students (3rd and 4th year) and students of graduate programs.

358 high school, vocational high school and university students did an internship at the workplaces (plants, farms, regional directorates and headquarters) of Sütaş Group of companies during the academic years 2015/2016 and 2016/2017.