We secure the natural properties of our farms with the technology of the Internet of Things.

We track many performance indicators that affect the productivity of our farms. We use digital technology solutions on a daily basis to record the data associated with our animals. We put an electronic ear tag on our cows the moment they are born, a transponder or a pedometer when they reach puberty for record keeping such as the distance walked during a day, lying time and lying bouts, and feeding time.

The data collected via transpon- ders and pedometers are automatically transferred into database. Milk meters are fitted to the milking system to measure the amount and electrical conductivity of the milk produced by cows
at each milking. In
addition, cows are
weighted after each
milking on livestock
scales at the exit of the milking area to monitor the changes in the body condition score, and the data obtained is regularly monitored.

We manage the herd through the report generated from the data gathered in the system. This system enables early diagnosis and treatment of diseases by issuing alerts for the animals that could be potential- ly sick. Thanks to this system that detects animals which have been losing weight, we are able to apply special diet to these animals to improve their condition.