With Tire Integrated Facilities, which we built with the latest and environment-friendly technologies, we aim to achieve a high level of energy efficiency as well as efficient utilization of natural resources.

As Sütaş Group, our priority is growth through investment. Whatever we earn from milk, we invest back in milk. In line with this strategy, we opened the Tire Integrated Facilities at the end of 2016.

Sütaş Tire Integrated Facilities, established in the Tire district of Izmir province with an investment of USD 80 million, include a dairy plant, a feed plant, a recycling and power plant as well as an organic and organomineral fertilizer plant.

We contribute to the socio-economic transformation of the Tire region through both our production operations and the employment opportunities that we create in the region. We offer a steady income of TRY 420 million per year to 8,000 families who produce milk. We collect 1,000 tons of milk per day, which requires plant production worth TRY 125 million per year on 100,000 decares of land. We use a fleet of 150 vehicles in total for milk collection, product shipment, feed raw materials supply and distribution operations.

At Tire Integrated Facilities, built with latest and environment-friendly technologies, we used highly efficient heating and cooling systems, electric motors and LED illumination systems with the aim of achieving high energy efficiency and efficient utilization of natural resources.

70% of the steam and 117% of the energy demand of the dairy plant is met through renewable energy sources. The production equipment has been developed by our own engineers and local partners.