As part of our commitment to creating shared value, we strive to improve economic and social welfare with our stakeholders in the value chain by making investments throughout the country.

Milk, which offers the essential nutrients that we need for nutrition, is a food that creates high economic value. The dairy farming sector in the agriculture industry also provides a steady monthly income and is an investment that offers a high level of financial flexibility as it can be easily converted into cash. In addition to milk production, this investment also plays a critical role in limiting the migration of people engaged in agricultural activities to urban areas and strengthening the local economy by enabling an increase in wealth and accumulation of capital.

With our "From Farm to Table" integrated business model, we create value, provide income and employment to hundreds of thousands of people from different parts of society such as people employed in our animal feed, milk production and processing and energy facilities, producers of feed plants and raw materials, dairy farmers, material suppliers, and people involved in the transportation and distribution of our raw materials and products.

We distribute our products to 150,481 sale points throughout Turkey through our 29 regional directorates, 90 dealers and a sales team consisting of 3,945 people (1,437 of which are our own employees, 819 of which are employed by the distributors and 1,689 of which consist of sales agents).

We contribute to the local economy by choosing local suppliers. In 2017, as much as 98.5% of our procurement was from local suppliers. Through this way we ensured that a large part of the TRY 2.6 billion payment that we made to all suppliers in total remained within the local economy.

We help tens of thousands of dairy farmers, one of our most important suppliers, to be a part of the social security system by providing them with a steady monthly income. In addition, with systematic training and information, we encourage the dairy farmers to improve themselves, increase the amount and quality of the milk and their income.

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