Efficiency in logistics, which is an important part of our value chain, is very important for us and we make improvements in this area.

We transport the milk collected from 1,563 villages across Turkey to our facilities and then distribute the dairy products to points of sale throughout Turkey.

In raw milk logistics, we reduced the distance driven for per ton of raw milk from 28.48 km in 2015 to 22.43 km in 2017 through our Milk Collect project. Thus, we increased the efficiency of raw milk logistics by 21.2% compared to 2015 and achieved a savings of approximately 4.9 million km.

In finished product logistics, which involves transportation of our products to distribution points, we reduced the distance driven for per ton of dairy products from 55.21 km in 2015 to 49.84 km in 2017 with a 9.7% improvement thanks to information technologies. We achieved a savings of 6.3 million km in product logistics, including 3.4 million km in finished product logistics and 2.9 million km in distribution logistics.

Thus, the total distance savings in the entire "from farm to table" logistics operations reached 11.2 million km in 2017.

It is important for us to carry out the transportation of products from suppliers to our facilities in a sustainable way. With the "Backhaul Transportation" project, we ensure that the vehicles transporting products from our factories to distribution points also pick up and carry the necessary materials to the factories on the way back. This way we achieved a savings of 1.2 million km in 2017.

With these efforts, we have succeeded in reducing the resulting greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 8,000 tons. This is equal to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by 186,000 trees in a year.