As our renewable energy operations rapidly grow, we continue to engage in activities aimed at improving energy efficiency throughout the entire process, from production to distribution, in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We not only produce renewable energy, but also carry out a variety of projects designed to increase energy efficiency.

We used machinery, equipment and materials with high energy efficiency at the Tire facility which began its operations in 2016. In 2016 and 2017, we carried out four major energy efficiency projects in our Karacabey and Aksaray facilities:

  • We replaced inefficient motors with highly efficient electrical motors. (Aksaray-Karacabey facilities)
  • We replaced inefficient lighting equipment with highly efficient products.
(Aksaray-Karacabey facilities)
  • We produced energy from the heat generated during combustion in boilers; energy production from waste heat (use of economizers). (Aksaray-Karacabey facilities)
  • We replaced the inefficient ice builder system with a new highly efficient system. (Karacabey facilities)

Thanks to these projects, we saved a total of 6.05 million kWh which is equal to 2.59% of our energy consumption in 2017. This way we increased our energy efficiency by 65.8% compared to 2015 and achieved our initial goal of a 40% increase in efficiency by 2020 in 2017.