In 2017, we reduced the amount of waste sent to landfills by 32% compared to 2015.

We are aware of the importance of recycling for the environment and the future. As part of our goal of "Zero waste", we engage in a variety of activities to reduce, sort and convert waste.

Currently 84% of all packaging that we use is made of fully recyclable materials, while 16% is composite packaging made mainly of cardboard. Composite packaging has FSC® certification which shows that it is produced according to responsible forest management practices.

We are carrying out R&D activities to reduce the amount of materials used in our product packaging. As part of our 2020 goal, we have reduced the use of plastic packaging materials by 813 tons by achieving a 15.5% reduction through weight reduction projects for 69 packaging materials between 2016-2017. We carry out the

recycling and recovery of the packaging materials used in our products in the market with the authorized organizations.

We convert the organic waste resulting from our agricultural, animal husbandry and dairy operations into energy and fertilizers at our natural energy production facilities and thus minimize the amount of waste discharged to the environment.

We utilize our organic waste by converting it to fertilizers and energy. We ensure that all of our recyclable waste is recycled by authorized organizations. As a result of these activities, the amount of waste sent to landfills has been reduced by 32% compared to 2015.