Our R&D center completed 59 projects in 2017 and has 55 ongoing projects.

By embracing the milk culture inherited from the history of Anatolian lands dating back thousands of years, we strive to continuously improve our expertise with the guidance of science and technology. Therefore, we believe we are responsible for bringing natural tastes into the future and ensuring that the next generations also grow with natural tastes just like us.

As Sütaş, our goal is to become the leader and pioneer in the industry by offering the most innovative and competitive products with the highest quality to our customers. For this purpose, improving the technologies and adopting Industry 4.0 and digital transformation practices are of great importance to us. Much of the software, machine and production equipment that is used in our facilities is designed by our own engineers and made in Turkey.

In 2016, we established the first R&D center approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology in dairy industry in Turkey.

With its team of 42 people, the center develops new products and processes, but also develops new production techniques and improves the existing ones, and engages in activities to increase productivity across our business. Our R&D center obtained 7 utility models and 10 patents in 2016 and 13 utility models, 8 patents and 1 design registration in 2017.

Apart from product development efforts, the center also engages in research & development and implementation projects such as designing robots for use in production lines, developing automation systems, and production of organomineral fertilizers. Our center completed 59 projects in 2017 and has 55 ongoing projects.

Our product development process is aimed at responding to current nutritional and health requirements as well as the expectations of our consumers. We monitor global consumer trends and try to utilize the feedback on our products and services that customers and consumers communicate to us through our hotline.

We enable internal innovation by consulting with all employees within our Group to draw upon their ideas and experience during our development and productivity operations related to production processes, techniques and technologies.

Through the Lean Management practices and the Sütaş Suggestion System, we encourage our employees to share their suggestions and ideas to improve working environment and business processes. We encourage internal innovation, improve business processes and create a participatory management style.