Thanks to the measures that we have taken, we have not encountered any occupational disease among Sütaş Group employees or subcontractor employees since 2012.

As Sütaş, we consider people as our most valuable assets in all of our operations, and our highest priority is to protect our employees against all potential accidents and occupational diseases by creating a safe and healthy work environment. We strive to prevent work accidents and occupational diseases before they occur by taking proactive actions and making improvements on a regular basis.

OHS Management

The OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System standard is implemented at our dairy plants, feed production facilities and dairy farms, and these facilities have been certified according to this standard.

As Sütaş, we strive to achieve our goal of "zero accidents at work" in all of our operations. In order to achieve this goal, we identify risks by conducting risk analyses as part of OHS in all of our work areas and take action to eliminate any identified risks. Before our subcontractors and business partners begin to carry out any work in our facilities, they are subject to a preliminary risk assessment for the tasks that they will carry out as part of our permit-to-work system.

OHS Risks

The major occupational health and safety risks at our facilities include noise-induced hearing loss, hand/foot injuries and zoonotic diseases for employees working at farms, and dust-induced respiratory tract diseases for employees working in the feed plant.

We focus on the risks and we develop our processes through audits and effective record management, we ensure that our employees adopt and implement the measures through trainings. Moreover, through our "Suggestion System," we encourage our employees to submit suggestions on OHS and award the suggestions that are implemented.

OHS Culture

We organize various activities to spread our OHS culture. These activities include OHS Training, OHS Communication materials, OHS theatre and Sütaş Family Tree practices.

In 2017, we held a total of five OHS theatre sessions at different locations with the participation of approximately 700 employees. We created the Sütaş Family Tree from the photographs of our employees participating in our 23rd April Children's Day Festival with their children and drew up messages related to occupational health and safety from the children to their parents.

OHS Training

In addition to basic OHS training, we provided in-class and online training on safe driving techniques to our employees who drove private vehicles in 2017.

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We report the accident rate and lost workday rate, which are OHS performance indicators, with a detailed breakdown according to age, experience, shift and gender on a monthly basis. We complete "near-miss" forms to report situations which nearly cause an accident, but do not result in an accident. We also review near-miss reports in detail and take the necessary corrective measures.

We electronically record all the work accidents and investigate their root causes under our "Work Accident / Emergency Incident Inquiry Procedure” and take improvement actions to prevent the accidents from occurring again.

In 2017, in addition to our production facilities and Company Headquarters, we began to electronically monitor the OHS performance of regional directorates.

Our accident rate which was 5.71 in 2016 was reduced to 4.44 in 2017.

Despite all our measures, two separate work accidents happened at Tire Integrated Facilities in 2017 in which two employees of our business partners lost their lives. All necessary measures have been taken to prevent similar accidents from occurring again.

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