Recruitment and Orientation

We bring new talent into our company by using the tools and techniques that allow us to offer equal opportunities to potential candidates and employ them in the best way suited to their skills. With our Orientation Program "Being a Part of Sütaş", we share our mission, vision, values, code of ethics and business conduct and strive to spread the love of milk and dairy farming.

Employee Compensation and Benefits

Our employee compensation policy has been developed towards increasing the competitiveness of our company in the labor market and to encourage our employees to demonstrate sustainable performance. Fringe benefits that we offer include private health insurance, individual pension system with company contribution depending on the preference of employees, performance bonus, social benefits, employee meals or prepaid meal cards, shuttle services for employees or transportation allowance, gift packages at Eid al-fitr (Ramadan Festival) and Eid al-adha (Sacrifice Festival), monthly food boxes at the plants and seniority recognition awards.

Talent and Performance Management

We believe it is important to implement a business goal and competency-based performance management system to guide our employees towards shared goals, increase efficiency and reward success.

The Annual Performance Management system includes specialist employees and superiors as well as "Operators and Team Leaders” within our plants. In addition, sales personnel are subject to monthly, quarterly and yearly goal evaluation processes.

With the 360 Degree Feedback System, we offer competency-based multifaceted feedback. In 2016, we switched to the 360 Degree Feedback System which enables our employees to receive feedback from various stakeholders, instead of the competency assessment system which allowed only superiors to assess subordinates.

With the 360 Degree Feedback System, our employees can receive multifaceted feedback from their subordinates, superiors, clients and peers.

For the last 3 years, we have been holding Career and Professional Development Committee Meetings for each function to identify the critical human resource who will be the future of our company, plan their development, and create a succession and training plan. In the yearly Career and Professional Development Committee Meetings, the potential of the employees are evaluated to decide an appropriate career path for each of them. The results of the evaluations are used as one of the main inputs of promotion, assignment, compensation, training and development processes.

Equal Opportunity

The principle of equal opportu- nity is always at the core of our human resources policy and practices. We respect our employees’ personal differences including gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, religion and political viewpoint, and we create a participatory working environment where everyone has equal rights. We believe that different points of view add diversity to our organization.

We also follow the principle of equality for the compensation, career opportunities and social benefits offered to our female and male employees. We plan to increase the number of our female employees in order to help women gain their econo- mic independence and become strong individuals in the society.

Indicators of Diversity

85.2% of our employees are male. As of the end of 2017, 21.4% of the white-collar employees are females, 13.6% of blue-collar employees are females.