When we review the results of the 2016 Employee Loyalty Survey, we see that there is a significant improvement compared to the results of the 2013 survey and that our company is clearly above Turkey’s average in most of the criteria.

Our objective is to contribute to the happiness of our employees by improving these positive results even more and become the most loved brand, most trusted enterprise and leading brand in the dairy industry.

We established Sütaş Employee Suggestion System to encourage our employees to share their suggestions and ideas about the work environment and business processes. The suggestions are evaluated and scored according to their applicability feasibility and contribution criteria by suggestion committees consisting of our employees and managers. We implement these suggestions to encourage intra-company innovation, to improve business processes and create a participatory management process. 922 suggestions were submitted to the Suggestion System in 2017.

Some of the suggestions are grouped under the Lean Management System activities at the production unit and these activities are monitored in a separate category. As part of this process, 1,111 employees participated in Kaizen activities and 710 improvement actions have been taken in 2017. As a result of the Kaizen and Suggestion activities, 617 employees received awards in 2017.

Team members who create a difference with their performance and contributions are recognized with "Thank You for Your Efforts and Bright Idea" awards. 254 employees received these awards in 2017.

In addition, we recognize our employees who complete 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35... years of service in the company with "Seniority Recognition Awards". 565 employees received the seniority recognition award in 2017.

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