The fundamental purpose of all programs that we design as part of Academy Sütaşkı is to raise "good people, good citizens and good milkman who are specialized in their field".

Employee training is an essential part of our development. We provide our employees with vocational training to support their personal development, specialization in their jobs/positions and improve their way of conducting business so that they can continue to do their jobs in a highly motivated manner and perform well.

Our Training and Talent Development activities have been brought together under "Academy Sütaşkı". We offer corporate, vocational, personal and leadership training programs based on division and position. In addition to our employees, their families, distributors, subcontractors, interns and scholars also attend our learning and development activities.

Academy Sütaşkı Portal

With the Academy Sütaşkı Portal, we offer e-learning materials, training videos, reading materials, training documentation and other miscellaneous content which our employees can access anytime, anywhere.

Our Training Programs
“Being a Part of Sütaş” Orientation Program    In line with the company’s goals and strategies, the objective of the program is to make the                         employees adopt the corporate culture and values, common goals and the strategic approach.                     During the program, we schedule Sütaş Our Values Training, Sütaş Code of Ethics Training,                         mentorship and Dairy Farm Visit.
Occupational Skill and Competence-Based Development Programs

   We offer Sütaş Sales School, Sütaş Production School, and Functional Development Programs to               improve the occupational skills of our employees. We also support our employees' individual                       competency development through the Sütaş Specialist Group Program, Competency Trainings and             Sütaş Development Seminars.

Leadership Development Programs

   We offer Sütaş Management School Program (designed for Executive positions and above) and                     Team Leader Development Program to improve and support the leadership competencies of                       Sütaş management.
Other Development Programs

   We support our employees who attend graduate school programs by signing cooperation                               protocols with universities. Our employees can attend graduate programs of Bahçeşehir                               University and Istanbul Bilgi University at a discount. 21 of our employees made use of this                           opportunity in 2017.